Updated to July 2018


Service provider: Osher Elias  astrologer, coach and spiritual teacher providing sessions, videos, courses and emotional therapy in order to stimulate self awareness, financial insights based astrology.

Products: Courses online, Mentoring, e-books, coaching sessions, holistic therapy.

Session: Sessions with Osher are done online (via Skype) either via face to face meetings as needed, every session has a different duration that is indicated on each product.

Process: refers to weekly or daily meetings/ sessions that customer decided to commit into once subscribed to it.

Live Session: refers to sessions which are done online via Skype/ hang-out/ Facebook / whatsapp -video/ audio or any other online applications to enable video / audio conference.

Cost: refers to various of services which are based on its duration, added value, preparation needed. costs may be difference to resident from different countries which are also related with their specific currency or indirect fees to exchange back to Euro.

Electronic payments:  refers to all services which are offered via same electronic gateways to complete a reservation via website, for example: CryptoCurrency (BTC/ ETH/ LTC/ ZCASH) transactions, credit cards, electronic ACH transactions for example; PayPal.

Payment providers: 1)Woo-commerce“: integrated services to enable check out for registered & guests in peopleknowing.net store; 2) “Ccbill“: official merchant to charge Credit card / debit card payments;  3) “PayPal“: an international platform to send and receive payments peer to peer; 4) Cryptocurrency: ETH, BTC, BCH, LTC

Private Legacy: All information of client which is shared via online coaching sessions will be kept private and will never be shared with a 3rd party.

Skype: “Software of video-Conference”

Official entity: refers to police, lawyer, court, military, government

Residency: refers to origin-country of the client and the Service provider

Subscription: refers to payment automatic/ manual renewal.


  1. “Live Session”  Basic session duration is 60 minutes except specific services like natal chart reading session that is indicating a longer session duration.
  2. Time differences: A client must to verify a time zone difference to make sure it’s aligned with same timing of Osher Elias to start a session. In case of any confusion such as not appearing to a scheduled time as written previously by Osher Elias isn’t refundable, and client will have an option to book with full payment another appointment.
  3. Payments must to be verified (completed) prior to any requested service.
  4. Currencies: EUR, USD ;  BTC, ETH, ZEC, LTC
  5. Crypto-Currency Exchanges: Any transactions will be calculated to any accepted cryptocurrency according to a CRYPTOCURRENCY- CONVERTER website: https://coinmarketcap.com/calculator/ the value to pay will be valid until 1 hour from the moment service was requested.
  6.  Subscriptions can be cancelled manually and isn’t admitting refund. Nevertheless, client will be notified 7 days prior to next automatic renewal payment and it’s possible to stop the automatic subscription/ payment at anytime.
  7. Refund  you can receive your money back if cancelled your agreed reservation until 7 days before.


All  services that are offered by Osher Elias on this website and others under his name are based on Osher’s personal opinion and spiritual ability;  you must to acknowledge that Osher’s astro finance services are not legal finance advise neither recognized by any legal institution.

To hire/ reserve/ book any of Osher’s services you free to do based on your private decision as you understand an alternative approach to be compatible to your needs at any moment.

Osher most popular service is “Astro-finance” counseling; if you receive from Osher specific dates to buy or sell any financial asset / stock market product, you are the only responsible to any future losses that may occur even if did exactly the things you have been told by Osher in session. Nevertheless, you must to combine your analytical ability to merge Osher’s predictions/ analysis based astrology to your financial strategy / actions.

Osher Elias astrologer  isn’t responsible to any consequence such an event  that will occur in your life after using his service or by attending to his face to face counseling. In addition, life changes, for example: divorcement, losing job, physical loss ext. aren’t under responsibility of Osher’s services.


Despite of consenting not to blame for any damage / change of  life because of consuming/ using Osher’s services, if a you or any 3rd party of you decides to sue a complaint, to consent that any judgmental process will occur in Tel Aviv, Israel, which is a tax-issuer-country for Mr. Osher Elias (alt name: Moshe Elias).


Media: Client must to respect either being responsible to all sort of medias/ software he may use in order to consume a service;  This is In order to protect his personal privacy, for example switching off telephones, microphones that may record his information either any material that can be transferred to 3rd party such as pop-ups, cookies, recording calls, non safe password ext.

However, if client use a public device (for example from “internet cafe” or foreign Skype account- the client is obliged to delete “history” files to keep his information private.

3rd parties privacy:  Osher keeps basic contact information in the database on his site (peopleknowing.net) using secured applications, for example: Facebook, Mail-chimp ext. Osher is obliged to keep all of his client information safe and not sharing any sensitive information to a 3rd party.


If any crime, judgemental, hacking situation have occurred and any official institution from client’s residency or other is obliging to provide information about the client;  in such a case Osher will tell about most information he knows / remember about the client , also to notify the client about that event.


You consent NOT TO resell, do commercial use; replicate, sell, copy, print anything of Osher’s services. For example is prohibited to upload/ distribute paid content video.

Address in Spain:
Calle Arzua 8 La Coruña Spain.

Address in Israel: 
Hasmadar 5 Rishon Le Zion, Israel.