Terms & Conditions


Updated to October 2019


Service provider “Osher astrology” managed by Osher Astrologer introduces “Peopleknowing” platform to offer memberships,
reading sessions, inspiration video, coaching, to help individual and organizations to celebrate freedom, easy evolution as to improve abundance to traders and investors considering “money flow”.

Products: Memberships, online material, coaching, financial predictions, paid premium.

Membership: According to tier a customer enrolls enjoys from exclusive materials to engage with.

Session: Sessions are done online (mostly via Skype) or sometimes offline to send video later to customer. Each session has different duration as described in product details.

Process: refers to therapy evolution a customer passing with Osher, normally weekly basis, until measurable to notice progress.

Offline sessions: sessions that prior recorded in order to send later to customer. Typically offline session lasts 20 minutes and replacing online live session.

Cost: every product (including membership tier) has different value as mentioned clearly in website Prices aren’t negotiable yet flexible in cases of enrolling late to periodic subscription less than 2 months.

Electronic payments: payments via Paypal or crypto; invoices sent also digitally.

Payment providers: 1) Woo-commerce“: 3rd party to enable payment registration; 2)  “PayPal“: international digital platform to pay between PayPal accounts or by credit card (Some countries aren’t legit to use PayPal according PayPal policies. 3) BTCPAY: decentralized server to pay via crypto currency.

Private Legacy: Client data that provided via filling user profile / payment procedure as email and address will be stored on privately on Osher’s database.

3rd part legacy: Due to 3rd party are serving this website: PayPal, Woo-commerce, youtube, Vimeo, community plugin. For example payments via PayPal are typically log recorded or via viewing YouTube as typically over the internet are logging IP address / google account follow up.

Official entity: refers to police, lawyer, court, military, government

Residency: Legal country (tax payer) related to both client and service provider.

Subscription: refers to payment that either renew automatic or manually.


  1. “Live Session”  Typical session duration lasts 60 minutes; Each live session will indicate its unique duration. “Live sessions” are occurring online in conference mode (Camera & microphone are required).
  2. Time differences: Customer is responsible to confirm a time zone difference between service provider to his local time to not miss a session. when session scheduled; the customer will be inform about the location of service provider; for example (UTC+2)
  3. Payments are required to be “completed” status before to receive service.
  4. Currencies: This website is using following currencies: USD, BTC, LTC
  5. Crypto- Currency server: The system is interacted with decentralized server provided by BTCPAY to accept BTC, LTC
  6.  Memberships: This website also offering memberships to enable members to enjoy weekly premium contents according to desired topic.
  7. Refund  Crypto payment Irreversible and you are responsible to be knowledge how to send cryptocurrency (for example not sending LTC to BTC address); However, payment for any service aren’t refundable; including cases of not appearing to session /coming late, membership that paid annually ext..


All  Osher’s services in this website or under alias are NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE. You are acknowledge that Osher’s method of “Astro finance” aren’t recognized by any legal finance authority and are to provide you alternative ability to look at the market and world situation.

To hire/ reserve/ book / order any of Osher’s services done online via website or email.
Any of Osher / “Astro-finance” suggestions / advice you get including when buy or sell financial asset / stock market product; aren’t responsible to any lose or damage that caused you and you are the only responsible to any of the process.

Nevertheless, it’s expected that you will use Osher’s services (Astro-Finance) wisely, merging Osher’s analysis ability together with yours.

However, any life change that triggered by any of Osher’s services including divorcement, losing job, asset loss ext, is totally under your responsibility!!

Claims: Despite of consenting to be responsible to any life change as losses, yet decided to claim by you or any 3rd party to sue a complaint; you consent that any judgmental process will occur in Tel Aviv, Israel as legit residency country.


Media: All customers must both to respect and being responsible to all sort of medias/ software may use in order to consume a astro-finance services;
for example switching off smartphones, microphones that may record information or any material that may be transferred to 3rd party including pop-ups, cookies, self call, non safe password ext.
However, if client use a public device or unknown Skype account client is obliged to delete “history” files to keep his information safe.

3rd parties privacy:  Osher keeps basic contact information in the database on his site (peopleknowing.net) using secured applications, for example via Mail-chimp. Osher is committed to keep all clients information safe and private, however activities that are made via website platform which are 3rd party services as participating in forum discussion are out of this website control.

Justice: If any crime, judgemental, hacking situation have occurred and any official institution from client’s residency or other is obliging to provide information about the client;  in such a case we will inform any information we access / remember about a client , also will notify client about such issue.

PROHIBITION: You consent NOT TO resell, do commercial use; replicate, sell, copy, print anything of Osher’s services. For example is prohibited to upload/ distribute paid content video.