S&P500 Prediction


Order “S&P500  astrology calendar prediction” and gain clarity to months ahead considering market direction.

S&P500 calendar forecast

Since S&P500 index agreed to reflect global economy situation, considering upcoming moves may help you in more financial fields.

This service of “S&P500 calendar forecast 6 months ahead” I create twice a year:

  • S&P500 January – May
  • S&P500 June – December

Important:  If you purchase S&P500 calendar in April 2019; you will get same calendar if you were to buy in January 2019. 


Calendars are introducing daily energetic fluctuations similar to weather forecast:

“Red day” means bearish influence

“Green day” means bullish influence


My astro predictions are based on my ability to read which energy activate and when finally to interpret how which role to play inside the collective consciousness.



Astrology calendar doesn’t provide exact price projection, but timing and direction!


If you want to get updates on a flow also to get projection line to indicate both time and price;  since August 2019, new “add-on” service in it I send you link that valid for 4 months to watch any future modification I do on S&P500 chart via “Tradingview . com” platform.

Cost of shared chart: $74/month (Charged in 1 payment for 4 months)

The calendar is:  

1. Based on Osher’s development as no one in the world know to see. 
2. Isn’t a financial advise.
3. predicting S&P500  trade weather
4. best to see to be an additional indicator on top of technical analysis measurement.
5. Indicating time & direction – Not price!   (For price prediction consider the “add-on” service $74/month)

How to interpret astrology calendar?

Here’s 7 minutes tutorial to illustrate for you how to interpret it your best consideration.



To validate even more this S&P500 forecast, it’s highly recommended that you consider additional indicators as OIL and GOLD to both i give weekly forecasts every Tuesday exclusively in Patreon to “commod patron” tier.

Check it out! 

Whether you are familiar with my patreon community channel or not, it’s highly recommending to enroll as “commod-patron” it will provide you great perspective to understand the U.S stock market behavior.


 * Every TUESDAY I publish a commodities weekly forecast to Oil & Gold

  Check it out (you can unsubscribe anytime): https://www.patreon.com/astrofinance

Add to cart!

The following chart drawn in July 11th 2019 for illustration purposes only,
* Book S&P500 to 6 months calendar ahead
** You can also “add to cartgetting link to S&P500 chart UNLIMITED access to see updates on a go.

Image below for illustration purposes only!


Considering S&P500 calendar alone has above 70% accuracy; You must to merge with it your ability to read the market.

Check out  “personal Astrology calendar”: according to your natal chart; I’ll create a calendar for you to indicate worst days you want to avoid any risk/ losses:

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