20MIN | “offline” reading


Have only one question? regards business, career, partner relationships, relocations, ext? This service is excellent. I’ll record for you a video to unveil any root cause to your question / doubt helping you to take great perspective to solve the case.

Terminate any dilemmas by objective outlook through astrology!

Any life field: relationships, career, home and others.

I’ll study your chart and will record you a video explaining you all you need to know regards the topic you are asking.

*This session is good for 1 specific subject / topic (If you need more than 1 subject or prefer a video call via skype, please consider to book on the next: 45 mins or 90 mins readings.

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Relocation / buying home / traveling?

“Every Place in the world may affect your luck differently”

Your natal chart can be calculated differently around the world. (“astro cartography”).

Your luck may be greater in one place rather than other. (“change place- change luck”) If you think about traveling to somewhere else whether for business or pleasure I can help you to discover where in the world will be best for you.

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