Compatibility analysis to Crypto Investment


Trough this service I will calculate for you until find at least 5 best compatible crypto for you (I check randomly if you don’t have your preferences); Life & success are function of harmonic relationship between ourselves to a place, people, work, money extra. throughout astrology we can predict what quality of each relationship you manage also to how to do relevant adjustments.


In this service I check for you compatibility with various coins (cryptocurrencies) leading you to great coin success management of any asset/ investment.

Investing in crypto / coin that is most compatible with you makes big different!
It will be easier for you to follow its news & updates avoiding being stuck with projects that may provoke you shame or loss.

Also with well compatible coin you can loss money!
Likely to any relationships, this is your responsibility to follow your partner and to make sure you understand what’s going on.
When you have good and compatible partner it’s much easier to make plans and moving forward with ease!


Followed by your natal chart I’ll scan from a list of popular cryptocurrency which crypto / project to work more smoothly with you. It will be easy for me to reach “dangerous coins” that may predict lose (similar to situation “wife spending all money of her husband”) and to worn you form these either to recommend you on such cryptocurrencies / projects that seem to help you growing.


If you have already a portfolio I can help you notice which coins aren’t helping you going forward. My aim is to find for you until 5 compatible coins

you must to work on your relationships:
connect, participate, ask, learn, reply

Any relationship is a work – some pay you back other not!

Once you choose and stick to “compatible cryptocurrency” ; you may find it easier to manageĀ  (buy or sell on best timing)

Get weekly forecast update to crypto