Astrology Private Course 1 on 1


Studying astrology deeper enables you to access every life event through awareness, compassion and progress either to adjust life situation to your favor.

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Welcome to Astrology world!

Get ready to approach hidden side of the world!

  • Module 1 out of 3: to Beginners & intermediate level.
  • Duration: 6 months (24 weeks)
  • Classes: 90 minutes/ Week
  • Platform: 36 hours live (Via Skype) +  6 hours of offline (recorded classes)
  • Value: Total 42 hours; equivalent to $93 / hour

Feel eager to learn astrology?

There are many ways to learn anything by yourself either official schools, but the question will be how long it may take to dominate a knowledge that is so tricky to work with.

Astrology is ancient science that is based on hundreds of archetypes and constellations; I will guide and teach you until you dominate such knowledge and in shorter time than usual; all thanks to my personal approach and short-cuts I’ll teach you along this journey.

Astrology lessons 1 on 1 with Osher

We meet every week (90 minutes / class) and if you are a good student (attending to all classes completing all assignments I’ll send you), I’m strongly believe that in 5-6 months you will proudly to start discussing with other astrologers! It’s a life changer!

  • Learning Houses, signs, and planets archetypes
  • Practical and exciting experience to remember dozens of symbols
  • Practicing on various charts of:
    • Countries
    • People
    • Events
Student Requirements:

Personal talents & Traits:

  • Curious personality
  • Self discipline to daily practice
  • Open minded to mysticism
  • Mental ability to understand abstract information
  • Technical ability to organize data
  • Passion to learn and read history
  • Philosophical perspective
  • Phenomenal memory of events and dates.
  • Approach to economy (advantage)
  • Free time to practice at least 1-2 hours a day

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