Full Reading session 90 minutes


Book reading session to understand / unveil / get prepared to upcoming events in your life, also to find solutions to any complex situation you may be passing now.

Full chart reading lasts 90 minutes via Skype.

Best choice to unveil most important events that are happening currently in your life and beneath the surface.

In this service I’ll read your natal chart answering to any doubt, conflict, situation you may face now, offering alternatives that seems aligned with Universe in order to lead you you to most harmonious position, luck and happiness.
In case you’re not sure about exact time of your birth also providing approximate time could work, then during session I could nail it thanks to my ability in reading faces either through asking you key questions until locate correctly your chart detecting your rising sign.

In this session you can ask anything regards your life: business, investments, global situation, where best for you to live, when to be careful and more..

I will unveil for you any relevant information you should consider in order to solve any complex situation.

Beyond to finance!

I’m professional life -coach !
Despite my popular talent in astrology for economy and finances- yet reading people charts is most essential and easy to do for me; you could be happy with what I give you.
In full reading you will gain big amount of insights, perhaps to understand why things haven’t worked for you the way you meant back then, what best for right now? and which actions will bring bless in coming future for you?
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