Astrology is a science!

I created a quick astrology course to help to people that aren’t familiar with astrology to come along easier with my Astro-Finance content.

Studying Astrology as healing tool

if you are open minded, curious to know more about your natal chart and of others, open-minded person already understand how everything is nothing but energy, yet being very much attracted to metaphysics; you can be good candidate to learn astrology with me – 1 on 1

Astrological Student & Participant at once

There are more ways to come closer, learning astrology and still to enjoy from my daily work as I’m sharing to my private community in Patreon.

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The video below is part of a group meeting introducing astrology to startup workers in Spain.


Learning astrology with Osher indeed can be fun, but on top of anything it will give you new understandings about life, love, money and will improve your life as you’ve never experienced before.


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