GemQ OÜ limited company that founded on November 1st 2019 situated Tallin, Estonia.
GemQ OÜ provides educational and astrology services with main aim to build global communities among economists, traders, investors and entrepreneurs.  Osher is the co-founder and CEO of GemQ OÜ


GemQ OÜ services:

  1. Business consultation
  2. Investing tools
  3. Forecasts modules
  4. Inspiring lectures
  5. Workshops & courses
  6. Subscriptions products
  7. Digital education & Media
  8. Conferences & meetups


Opportunities with GemQ OU:

  • web-manager
  • project manager
  • web developer
Affiliation program are open with:


  • Astrologers with unique niche
  • Spiritual Influencers
  • Businesses that are providing supplements to astrology