GOLD prediction by Osher as you never seeen before Novemebr 2019

In this video I bring you important insights and information to work I publish on weeklky basis with my Patreon community: Gold isn’t going to rise soon and many inocent traders / investors are going to loose money; OI will pass hard time during november and will push stock market south as well.


S&P500 is heading to cliff of century; and most people are keeping spending time on fun, video games or reality shows ignoring what’s coming. This video I shared in my youtube channel on July 4th when most people haven’t consider it to be real, finally lost lots of money most of summer until mid September 2019.

Black swan coming; Does Gold ready to 1600? Bitcoin to 12k?

Bitcoin isn’t happy since lost in end of September connection with GOLD so far during summer was the case.

OIL – Stock Market correlation | Bitcoin capitulation ahead?

Will #oil to be traded more expensive under current u.s alliance or because of high demand followed by war in middle east?

Can you buy LOVE with your money? JULY 16th LUNAR eclipse Full moon in capricorn

What huge building without people living inside good for?

Main event of this week is the lunar eclipse Full moon in Capricorn, this full moon comes to taking us sort of a cliff

BREAKING THE RULES!! GOLD to 1500, BITCOIN to 30K, S&P500 to 3200! Expect Volcanos eruptions too.

Entire capitalistic system is ready to collapse and people will take the power on who to be what (democracy the way we know today is crap) new world is heading and no one can imagine how it can be..
Bitcoin is going to explode in July and to fall drastically toward august.

Epic markets and weather ahead | Astrology of July 8th-14th

Mercury started to retrograde on July 7th from sign of Leo what means that will send more people to protest against authorities as governments;

Unbelieveable!!! Here’s S&P500 behaviour before the economy collapse end of 2019

Around July 23rd 2019 according to astrology planetary move to reflect the collective consciousness; a peak / edge / cliff is playing out.