Gold correction continues; Oil more expensive (April 30th-May7th)

Opec enjoys a lot from Iran sanction either through astrology is clear that Oil price to go higher (Opec become more profitable).
Gold is still in correction phase and indeed spent some days around the 1280 support level it seems that the coming week toward new moon in Taurus the zone Gold to be traded is lower than today.

Dumping Gold Buying Oil; (April 23rd-30th forecast)

Now with Iran sanctions on, Oil price to move higher, Saudi Arabia to gain power thus helping the Unites states to make more money on stocks.

Gold & Oil; Market prediction April 9th-16th

I’m excited to share first update to commodities (Oil & Gold) exclusively to Patreons.

The coming days will transitional as gold seems to go higher (toward April 15th) and Oil down. Watch video!

PetroDollar trick! Is Saudi Arabia running U.S stock?

China seems to be more enemy rather alliances; I sure that insiders in the U.S economy are shaking of fear from what China can provoke the U.S society and economy (for example the 5G but this much more to discover)

Red Flag!! Financial reset; seen in sky

I’m alerting about March 2019 since end of 2017 and it’s going to get severe as May arrive (this is first phase of financial reset)

Financial reset covered by digital money; U.S Bonds Zero; Money is Garbage!

It’s so obvious to note such a manipulation done by artificial intelligent that simply are buying all  “open shorts”of than real investors opened.Falling Bonds predict recession!!

Stock market rising against rules? Bitcoin illusionary strength.

Mercury is retrograded in Pisces (will last until March 30th) meantime lies and major confusion (reality vs fantasy) rising. Please don’t get caught with stupid smile on your face; big whales ahead get ready to eat you with food in your mouth!

Boom!!! Something big is coming!

Today and tomorrow February 13-14th this is happening – explosive transit of both Mars and Uranus in last degree of Aries (We won’t see mars and Uranus in Aries anymore in our life); this is very strong masculine energy that start this activation officially today February 13th.