Can you buy LOVE with your money? JULY 16th LUNAR eclipse Full moon in capricorn

What huge building without people living inside good for?

Main event of this week is the lunar eclipse Full moon in Capricorn, this full moon comes to taking us sort of a cliff

Epic markets and weather ahead | Astrology of July 8th-14th

Mercury started to retrograde on July 7th from sign of Leo what means that will send more people to protest against authorities as governments;

Unbelieveable!!! Here’s S&P500 behaviour before the economy collapse end of 2019

Around July 23rd 2019 according to astrology planetary move to reflect the collective consciousness; a peak / edge / cliff is playing out.

Your money when banks go down

We all have some money in Banks; indeed it seems that entire system will change and many banks will bankrupt as happened to Lehman brothers. To be honest, I more worry for the money of my parents than to my personal amount that obviously lower by now:)

OIL & GOLD indicate an economy armageddom during summer 2019

If you understand the direction of OIL and GOLD you can do much better when trading any stock market / #Forex product. all are correlated. Let me show you some of my work I do for my members.

That was “June Euphoria” to many including (crypto, gold, stock market); What now in July? OMG

We are in timing of change and no human being on earth lived these energies as they are culminating this time. Pluto and saturn conjunction in Capricorn happened last time in 1518 and you can google this timing what happened in the world these tears to get taste of this event. Yet this time is different as Uranus is in Taurus

GOLD waits for JULY and even more to September 2019

also this week Gold did exactly what I’ve indicated (projected) by yellow line on June 14th😜. #Gold warms up motors to break 1350 level, but more wait, patient is needed.

Oil Price duing June 2019 to move Stock market higher?

#Brent #oil despite of falling to 67 levels in last week of May absolutely affected by “full moon in Scorpio” seems strong enough to bounce back to above 70-71 pushing higher most of June 2019.