I’m Astrologer developer of “Astro-Finance” method since end 2015 and  launched it to the world via YouTube in fall 2017 without expecting nothing but sharing my insights followed by astrology and technical analysis; My focus on Bitcoin in the midst of rally to 20K helped me becoming popular quick and enjoyed from more and more people that get open to astrology.
” Astrology was always part of my toolbox during my previous career being life-coach and healer.
I’ve being investing in stock market since I was 20; I studied with good mentors various methods of technical analysis, unfortunately technical analysis never worked for me!! even when was subscribed to good paid services to guide me through.
Summer 2015 was my knockout (lost all my money) finally woke me up! Thinking to myself, if stock market is based on “collective consciousness” it must be reflected through astrology, thus I stopped almost everything and started to learn how astrology reflected all economy events since 200 years ago; I invested 2 years into astro-finance investigation learning through trial and error what’s going on.
I’m currently working independently and willing to spread the word of “astro-finance” method.
I started Patreon community on August 2018 and in order to fund my expenses focusing 100% in astrology of finance predictions; thanks to members specially these that have enrolled since the beginning I could grow and develop so much astro-finance method; thus possible to witness parabolic improvement and how weekly forecasts become more exact and easy to follow.
The more this community is growing (limit until 250 members) the more benefits and more precise prediction I bring!


Astro-Finance Purpose:

Astro-Finance is a empiric approach to provide financial forecasts; it based on combination of factors that astrology is the main one.

Astro Finance is also based on technical analysis (Not basing on any known indicator neither measurement).

I invite you to enroll the financial trading revolution and to invest with consciousness that lead to wealth.