About me:

I’m entrepreneur astrologer a developer of “Astro-Finance” method. I’ve predicted already big market events either Geo- political shifts.

I love teaching astrology, providing lectures and predictions online and to live crowd in various countries.

My mission is to awake people through providing outstanding reading and explanations to the available energy we are moving.
I’m currently working independently and willing to make “astro-finance” method recognized around the world.

Long story short:

During February – March I had a chance to taste my future life.
“Coliving”: new concept of community dedicated to digital nomads that are working remotely like myself.

Most of my life I was struggling to define “HOME”:

Where to live? How to live free? How much money if any I need to be safe?
Can I live in “one” place all my life?

Since I was 20 I have realized that “normal life”, old lifestyle as buying a home, living most my life in one place, getting married ext, aren’t my cup of tea.

I started traveling all over the world since 2008 (after hard break up). In 2010 I chose Spain to be my second home to Israel; finally became Spanish resident on August 2017.

I always visioned a community; a place where like minded people live together creating both great things together and each one his own projects, but never found.

Listen inside the video to rest story!

February 2019 (Aquarius season) was a time to taste the FUTURE yet as explained in videos around this time, the moment to build up new approach to life, values, society, money and norms; yet the bigger dose of change in our world and society is getting closer and closer, this is excellent time to travel, think outside of the box how to become be safe, where and with who.

Thanks for reading 🙂