Osher is the CEO of GemQ providing astrological educational materials.  Osher was around astrology since 13 and today recognized as inspirational astrologer thanks to his unique niche for economy, geopolitics called “Astro Finance”.

Between 2004- 2015 Osher was dedicated his career to spiritual growth providing life coaching to help people in many life fields also to improve financial issues, career transitions and health. 

Osher is the developer of “Astro-finance” method and launched it to the world in summer 2017 his popularity increased quickly among young generation since provided forecasts to cryptocurrencies.

In June 2018 Osher launched his Patreon channel to create first “astro-finance”, the support that has received via Patreon “crowd funding” model enabled to invest full energy and attention to bring what Astro-Finance became today with more than 85% accuracy to every forecast and prediction.

Osher owing another website called “Prediction2go.site” all are managed by GemQ company.
All Osher’s add-ons services for finance are concentrated in “Prediction2go.site“  and in order to give more options to Osher’s community out of Patreon platform.


Astro-Finance Purpose:

Astro-Finance is a empiric approach to provide financial forecasts; it based on combination of factors that astrology is the main one.

Astro Finance is also based on technical analysis (Not basing on any known indicator neither measurement).

I invite you to enroll the financial trading revolution and to invest with consciousness that lead to wealth.