“Oh Humanity” Beyond economy collapse, a disaster to trigger panic around the world is their plan.

The new moon in Aries occurred in October 13th.
Saturn and Pluto will conjoin in January 13th 2020
Something awkward is expected…

World weekly Astrology October 14th – 21st

Recorded on October 14th at 15.00 utc+3 exclusively to patreon members; After full moon in Aries activation the game is happening…

How high S&P500 will push before plunging; Discover inside how also OIL & GOLD to behave

As most traders around the world seems to lose this year rather gaining unfortunately using technical analysis alone sometimes…

Full moon in Aries ♈ squared by Pluto and trine by Jupiter at 20°

Pluto will square this full moon and jupiter ♃ (in dignity in Sagittarius) Wil trine it.

This is first full moon of autumn…

Humanity in Shock coming by hands of mother earth and god! November 2019- March 2020

We are officially in fall 2019. And I have said many times already that this last season of the decade won’t be easy!


Would you ignore such important information?

Come with me into the future – exploring how Litecoin to play out in coming 6 months…

Humanity shock by hands of God and mother earth; November – March 2020

The coming week, as today October 7th, is going to be an evidence / gong to such hard time activation. This is Yom Kippur in Judaism,…

Black swan coming; Does Gold ready to 1600? Bitcoin to 12k?

Bitcoin isn’t happy since lost in end of September connection with GOLD so far during summer was the case.

Saudi arabia seems to get weakend, USD too?

We are starting officially the month of October, but this month is going to initiate the hard time meantime to adjustment. In…

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