SCORPIO NEW MOON OCTOBER 28TH Opposing Uranus!! Expect anything to happen from inside outside.

This new moon will oppose Uranus to indicate explosive 💣 either unexpected events that hopefully in the end to take us to better world. Whatever will happen understand this is an operation period and bad power/influences should go away.

Scorprio season to begin! Are you ready to undersworld? | World astrology Oct 21st-28th

Around new moon in Scorpio on October 28th very strong events are occurring in sky and will indicate panic and very unexpectedly and weird way.

World weekly Astrology October 14th – 21st

Recorded on October 14th at 15.00 utc+3 exclusively to patreon members; After full moon in Aries activation the game is happening to lead to final power transformation around spring 2020.

How to release but stay in Control? World astrology October 1st – 7th

Mercury will retrograde in a month before leaving Scorpio and this will indicate major economy turmoil.
Meantime this week, Libra time, all tricks to play out even these you haven’t imagined… Speak about federal reserve strategy last days. The Saudis get weak and will soon will impact the US economy from unexpected face..

World weekly Astrology September 16-23

Saturn is going to station going direct from September 18th from 13 degrees in Capricorn position where the South node in 14 degrees.

Crossing in red traffic lights if needed!! World weekly Astrology September 2nd – 9th

This Week you must to do most effective actions even seems risky to take advantages of such opportunities to take you to where you feel more happy, safe and Appriciated. also you may be surprised by such en unexpected help you haven’t imagined that possible to get

August 8-9th beyond Trade war or crypto drama!

August 8th is preparing us to greater revolution after the new moon in leo we’ve experienced in August 1st.


Fire energy is increased this week!!!

Are you tuned to your heart either higher call to proceed far from here creating best ever future that has nothing to see with traumatic? or are you still obsessed to solve past issues / return losses missing opportunity to gain peace of mind, health, joy, love and satisfaction?

Bomb Countdown; JULY 22- 28 | World weekly forecast

Leo season with such planetary configuration are going to teach us to create either to die for worth; meaning to work smart with FIRE.

World 🗺 weekly Astrology forecast🔆 June 3rd- 6th

This week is starting in “new moon in Gemini”, meaning entire June energy is based on new ideas, new people, fresh negotiations, trade, and mental work!!