Upcoming important astrological events

Uranus moves to Taurus 

  • Very important transit that will change worldwide society, will explode finally the real estate bubble and people will start to live in communities (co-working >> co-living)

More happening on the same day:

* New moon in Pisces 15º

* Mercury start the retrogression (started in last degree in astrology 29º of Pisces)

Jupiter to retrograde in Sagittarius:

On April 10º Jupiter will station in 24º21′ and will start months of retrogression what will help us to examine the world and Geo-politics situation, high chance that a war may occur somewhere in the world.

Jupiter Retrograde


Jupiter takes around 12 years to do a complete revolution around the Sun
Jupiter goes retrograde every year for around 120 days. When Jupiter goes retrograde it is good to review our visions, ideals, and belief systems in life.

Jupiter direct – retrogression moves:

Direction From To Days
Date Sign & Degree Date Sign & Degree
Direct Jan 1 , 2019 11° Apr 10, 2019 24° 99
Retrograde Apr 10, 2019 24° Aug 11, 2019 14° 123
Direct Aug 11, 2019 14° Jan 1, 2020 06° 143

Which Crypto will Microsoft use in 2021?

March hasn’t finished yet and big news may take part in the world probably before March to end and will continue the turmoil events until at least may 2019.

Will XLM (Stellar) ever touch $1?

I’m expecting major decline toward end of March 2019 or at least until first week of April 2019.

Stock market rising against rules? Bitcoin illusionary strength.

Mercury is retrograded in Pisces (will last until March 30th) meantime lies and major confusion (reality vs fantasy) rising. Please don’t get caught with stupid smile on your face; big whales ahead get ready to eat you with food in your mouth!

“Boeing” company – Avoid flying in March 2019

Isn’t it sound suspicious that on the same day 2 air accident happened related to similar company – Boeing?

A disaster to come in / from China 2019?

In this video I show you all important predictions I brought to China looking on its economy and politics combined with the United States.

Real estate ending of era: Co-living / Co-Housing

The way we are currently living will change; this transition will change/ end significant norms. The end of taking mortgages to buy house: #CoHousing / #CoLiving are 2 life changing words that you are going to hear more and more either to follow for yourself in coming years. 

China may overwhelm the world in March 2019!

China will create a great important news this month of March 2019.
Get ready to massive collective change this month in both individual and collective levels.

Canada Prediction 2019-2021

Between July 2020 & August 2021 BIG SHIFT is coming!!!!
Such a TRAUMA is expected that will change the identity of Canada for many years ahead!

May North Korea atack someone in 2019?

a great scary planetary alignment guarantees 99% of military activity with any U.S alliance (I suspect to be involved with Japan). Will the US go to war with North Korea?

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