Conference & Meetup

Conferences in Tel Aviv & Spain to general public and private groups that are interested to discover hints to future approaching Astro-Finance method

Companies Consulting & Lectures

Consulting businesses to predict upcoming difficult periods either through coaching sessions & seminars to managers/ employees.

Research & Development

Building astrology's modules and data bases to countries, companies, politics, stock market and cryptocurrency

Geo-Politics predictions

Public video sharing to geopolitics evolution using astrology on countries natal chart, inspiring people to consider important events.

S&P500 from 3200 to 1700! May Bitcoin die in March 2020?

Most people don't have patient! they want capitulation now; stock market to collapse yesterday justifying their personal urges as weak emotions into expensive positions and in most cases losing. Sto…

August 8-9th beyond Trade war and crypto drama 🎭 you must to decide

August 8th is preparing us to greater revolution after the new moon in leo we've experienced in August 1st. *** Full weekly video: *** When Uranus will move re…