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That was "June Euphoria" to many including (crypto, gold, stock market); What now in July? OMG
A day that Police/ Goverment claim your cyrpto comes; drain exchange account! sepearte wallets!!
Crypto Fomo dies; Now what? | including Digibyte update

That was “June Euphoria” to many including (crypto, gold, stock market); What now in July? OMG

We are in timing of change and no human being on earth lived these energies as they are culminating this time. Pluto and saturn conjunction in Capricorn happened last time in 1518 and you can google this timing what happened in the world these tears to get taste of this event. Yet this time is different as Uranus is in Taurus

GOLD waits for JULY and even more to September 2019

also this week Gold did exactly what I’ve indicated (projected) by yellow line on June 14th😜. #Gold warms up motors to break 1350 level, but more wait, patient is needed.

Bitcoin will drop at least $2000 until July 7th

Bitcoin chart combined with astrology calculations indicated to important stations: The next chart I shared with my patreon members on June 14th; called “Crypto market to try June Euphoria” June 21-22nd seems to be the end of such a FOMO in bitcoin and July 7th to be 1st station of summer downtrend (also July 5th-7th seems to be the start of alt-coin going higher meantime bitcoin down)

Weekly forecast June 10-17; Full moon in Sagittarius, Neptune square Jupiter

Events to look this week:

* Federal decision
* Petrodollar issues
* Oil price bull run
_ _ _ _ _ _

General recommendation to people:

Don’t speculate!
Avoid loans!
Keep a way from margin trades!