Conference & Meetup

Conferences in Tel Aviv & Spain to general public and private groups that are interested to discover hints to future approaching Astro-Finance method

Companies Consulting & Lectures

Consulting businesses to predict upcoming difficult periods either through coaching sessions & seminars to managers/ employees.

Research & Development

Building astrology's modules and data bases to countries, companies, politics, stock market and cryptocurrency

Geo-Politics predictions

Public video sharing to geopolitics evolution using astrology on countries natal chart, inspiring people to consider important events.

Bitcoin trap Euphoria to start soon and Why XRP to fail?

1) October isn't good time for crypto yet won't support good news until it ends. 2) Scorpio season will start on October 23rd, something interesting is starting to occur. 3) Bad news to XRP durin…

Beyond economy collapse, a disaster to trigger panic around the world is their plan.

The new moon in Aries occurred in October 13th. Saturn and Pluto will conjoin in January 13th 2020 Something awkward is expected to happen around November 3rd 2019 * * * I've launched a new websi…